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Keep Eating Keep Losing:
Weight-Loss Secrets

Keep Eating, Keep Losing: Weight-Loss Secrets presents a holistic strategy drawn up to help you reorganise your life by making good health an all-important goal. The simple approach in this book is based on three components—Healthy Eating, Exercise and Rest—which benet all spheres of your life. If you have reached a dead end in your weight-loss journey, this book shall help you nd your way back. So, bid the diet fads, trends and misconceptions goodbye and rediscover a time-tested and ecient way to healthy living.

With easy-to-follow guidelines, this book provides the key to optimal health for you and your family. Moreover, it has several handy tips and helpful suggestions, along with healthy recipes, that promise not to tamper with the the taste of your favourite dishes. So, get ready for a change of heart, mind and body, and to say hello to a new, tter YOU!



The Journey of Food and Me


The Real Story of Life : Life Cycle


The Transformation of Your Mind


The Secret of Healthy Eating


The Power of Exercise


The Magic of Rest : How to Deal with Stress


The Solution for Everyday Challenges


The Breather for Housewives


Scandalous Myths and Tips


The Disciplined Way of Life: Towards a New Horizon


Sonakshi Sinha

Keep Eating Keep Losing: Weight-Loss Secrets isn’t just another book on healthy living but an absolute game-changer for all who believe in a healthy lifestyle. It has all the answers to your weight-loss queries and more. I connected with the book instantly as the techniques introduced by Claudia guarantee that those unwanted kilos stay off permanently. For everyone who feels weight-loss is a tough challenge, let Claudia make the journey simple and fun for you. With the right tips and guidelines, weight-loss can be an easy task.

I can proudly say that food is my first love; I’m sure it’s yours too. I never followed a diet that would make me cranky and unhappy. I believe I work too hard to deprive myself of the thing I love the most—food! Keep Eating, Keep Losing is a happy revelation. She urges her readers to banish the word ‘diet’ from their lexicon. I was particularly amazed by her take on the rules of dieting that are often hard to follow. For her, there are no such ‘rules’. Food is a ‘boon and a blessing,’ she affirms, presenting a whole new perspective on weight-loss. She does not recommend staying away from food; she tells you to be passionate about your choice of food. It is easy to indulge in junk food and fried dishes, but going the organic way is not difficult. Keep Eating, Keep Losing is about identifying the advantages of healthy eating and healthy living. It is essential for us to feel fit and healthy mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and that’s what Claudia sets out to do with this book. Beautifully structured, it is peppered with interesting nuggets on health, exercise, nutrition and diet.

Lots of love


Sonakshi Sinha