About Claudia

About Claudia

Meet Claudia Ciesla,

The Award-Winning Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach.

And the mastermind behind Claudia’s Concept. With a shelf full of awards and a zest for transforming lives, her journey in nutrition is more than a profession; it's a symphony of flavourful palate, science, and well-being.

As a certified nutritionist, she is passionate about empowering individuals to make informed choices that nourish both body and mind.

With a profound belief in the transformative power of nutrition, she is committed to guiding you on a personalised path to wellness. Her mission is to demystify the world of nutrition, providing you with practical insights and evidence-based strategies that align with your lifestyle and goals.

With a decade of experience as a nutritionist and lifestyle coach, Claudia believes in the simple concept that wellness is more than just the food on your plate. It’s a holistic journey that encompasses every aspect of your life.

And implementing this concept, she guides through not just what to eat but also how to cultivate positive habits, manage stress, and create a sustainable, fulfilling lifestyle that supports your well-being.

Education is at the heart of her philosophy. Her award-winning nutritionist values strive to empower you with the knowledge that enables you to take control of your health journey. From deciphering food labels to understanding the impact of different nutrients, she will navigate you through the world of nutrition together.

Claudia believes in healthy eating and mindful eating habits. In fact, her book ‘Keep Eating, Keep Losing’ enforces the idea that you can eat and still lose the extra weight – the trick is to eat Right.

Apart from being a certified nutritionist, lifestyle coach, and author, Claudia Ciesla is also a well-known celebrity in Bollywood.

With all these profiles together and a stellar reputation, Claudia has become a trusted name in the industry. So, join her on this colourful adventure of Claudia’s Concept, where every step is a stride towards a healthier, happier, and more vibrant you!

Our Award-Winning Approach:

Navigate through the timeline of Claudia’s achievements and discover the journey in the field of healthy lifestyle. From promoting healthy eating habits to crafting bespoke plans for wellness, every recognition is a testament to her commitment to excellence.
Oct 2023
Influential Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Awarded as Influential Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach by Mid-Day India Influencer Awards 2023. Received in Oct 2023

Sep 2023
Best Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach

Awarded as Best Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach by Times Applaud Inspiring Leaders Awards 2023. Received in Sep 2023

Aug 2023
Talk show
Weight & Watch by Claudia

"Weight & Watch by Claudia" nutrition talk show released in Aug 2023 on Tata Play Fitness, D2H and Dish TV.

Dec 2022
Best Celebrity Nutritionist

Awarded as Best Celebrity Nutritionist by Global Business Awards 2022. Received in Dec 2022 (received from Shilpa Shetty)

Oct 2020
TV show
Workout with Claudia

⁠"Workout with Claudia" released on Tata Sky Fitness in Oct 2020

Aug 2020
Fitness with Celebrities

”Fitness with Celebrities” released on YouTube in Aug 2020

July 2020
Home workout with Claudia

”Home workout with Claudia” released on YouTube in July 2020 ... choose anyone which will look better on the timeline

Oct 2017
TV show
Yoga Divas with Claudia

⁠⁠⁠”Yoga Divas with Claudia” released on Tata Sky Fitness in Oct 2017 .... cut a nice pic of me doing yoga out of this promo for the cover

'Keep Eating Keep Losing' Book Launch

Author of “Keep Eating Keep Losing” book, published by Om Books international in 2016. Foreword written by Sonakshi Sinha and launched by Suniel Shetty.